May 1, 2015

Inspired by Lapis Lazuli

The way light hits an object can completely change its color and mood. But you probably knew that, and I'm stating the obvious. In the second part of my collaboration with Cartier, I wanted to highlight the color of this particular Amulette with even more emphasis than in part one. I could wax poetic about this particular shade of blue for days. It's very reminiscent of Yves Klein blue, and I really wanted to bring that out with the textures and colors of the environment I shot it in.

I immediately knew I wanted to create a dust/powder in that color, so I started brainstorming how I could achieve that. My initial thought was to buy a TON of bright blue eyeshadow and crush it up. Then I thought about dyeing sugar or flour (but obviously the liquid would mess up the texture). Then I was at an art store and considered grinding up chalk pastels. Finally I learned that I could get paint in the form of dry pigments. Perfect.

Above, you can see fleck details in the Amulette. It almost looks like a galaxy swirl in there.
Change the light and environment as in below, and the Amulette becomes almost a satin-y glossy blue.

Change it again, and the Amulette turns into a midnight moody blue. This last frame also gives you a sneak peek of what's to come in the final chapter. I can't wait to share.

Apr 26, 2015

Ode to linen

I might be getting a little ahead of myself in hunting for linen pieces for summer – since I'm still shivering at the morning/night temperatures here – but I couldn't help add these two perfect pieces to the summer rotation. I've always said I just want to live in airy linen tank tops during NYC humid summers, but surprisingly there aren't that many good options out there. I mean, why don't more brands make quality linen basics? Enter this Samuji cropped linen tank top, in a super pretty shade of pale green. I hadn't heard of Samuji before, but they are based in Helsinki and all of their products are simple and seem great for every-day wear. I love the tent-like fit on the bottom; I need all the breathability I can get in the summer.

For slightly cooler days, I'll have this linen Mens-y shirt. I originally went into Rachel Comey hoping to add some print or something more fun to my closet, but somehow I ended up in the dressing room with, like, four variations of white button ups... I can't break my ways! I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it, so that helped justify the price point a bit.

I did search for other linen options in lower price points and rounded them up here:
- This simple slip would look great with a wide-brimmed hat.
- I may have to pick up one of these striped tanks. (Or similarly, this one, which I've had on my wishlist for a while now.) Can't go wrong with either.
- And hello, I would not mind tucking that tank into these linen shorts.
- For a true bargain, there's always Everlane to fall back on. They just launched a linen line last week.

I'm ready. Bring on the humidity (but actually, please don't!).

Apr 23, 2015

Texture Study

While I was in LA, I revisited a favorite destination from the last trip – El Matador Beach. I didn't want to walk away with the same images as last time, so I took a closer look at the ground and found so many beautiful and natural textures. I'm sure this won't be my last visit and I'm excited to see what I might discover next time.